Thursday, February 21, 2008

When Those People get their own credit cards...

My Klan-dar goes off when I see a story like this:

LAWRENCEVILLE - A paintball gun, mountain climbing gear, $4,000 worth of DVDs and Cosmopolitan magazine were some of the "unusual" purchases by government staffers found in a recent audit of Gwinnett County's purchasing card program.

While an official had an explanation for the purchases, Matthew Whitley, director of the Performance Analysis Division, said the items are examples of lapses in the county's purchasing card policy.
Why? When there's no terribly good reason?

Probably because of tales like this, from various right wing outlets to explain away all the fraud and corruption afoot in New Orleans post-Katrina without actually explaining anything, by focusing on small-time crap and ignoring the mountains of corruption and thuggery.

And I'll forgive myself for hearing the racist dogwhistle here, even though Camie Young's never given me good reason to think any such thing of her in the past.

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