Wednesday, February 13, 2008

You don't get out much, that's why.

Bill Shipp asks "How could I be so wrong on so much?"

Among the things he admits to having been wrong about is, rather embarrassingly, how...
Obama seems to be on a roll. I still say he can't go all the way. No matter what I say, however, Obama is the new kind of black leader we'll be seeing for the next generation. Al and Jesse's strategy of "every black a victim" may be evaporating.
Bill, "Al and Jesse" weren't, and aren't, you know, actual elected officials. Barak is; has been for the better part of two decades. "Al and Jesse" aren't determining "strategy" as Co-Kings o' de Black Folk, much as you and some of your so-called liberal media mouthpieces want to continue to believe it.