Friday, September 14, 2007

It was SEVENTEEN freekin' years ago, people!

Yep, 17 years ago the painfully ignorant Gwinnetians shot themselves in the foot and voted down a referendum to bring MARTA tippy-toeing into the county, as we're reminded in this front pager.

Warbington said preliminary results show the Gwinnett Place station would have the highest ridership of any stop on the line.

But because of the unpopularity of the idea nearly two decades ago, the CID has also stepped forward with $11,500 to conduct a public opinion poll on all modes of transit, including MARTA.

About 500 voters will be surveyed by the end of the month, Warbington said. Results are expected at the CID board meeting next month, which is when the MARTA study should also be available.

"We hear all the time Gwinnett County won't support it (MARTA), but we're trying to get a baseline as to what the county would support," Warbington said about the poll. "We're on a fact-finding mission."
I'll admit to being somewhat astonished if this poll doesn't reveal the residents of this county have, in fact, done a 180 on this. I've just spoken to too many, in recent years, who finally see the need, although that ridiculous "ya build a station, it's gonna invite crime!" riff continues to play among the knuckle draggers... so maybe I'm being too charitable.