Friday, April 13, 2007

End-to-end Whiny White outrage

I know, same stuff, different day, but usually the Hillbilly Rag manages to find two opinion pieces that cover slightly different topics.

But not today. After all, today's biggest story isn't, oh, that the White House has been erasing evidence about Abu Gonzolez' US Attorney purge; it sure isn't about Iraq's parliament getting blown up.

Nope, it's about the poor, oppressed white man, and how he can't get a break from nasty ol' colored folk. Starting with our local guy

It's what happened to the Duke boys. Trial by media storm. Convicted and sentenced to a life forever shadowed by the words "racists" and "rape charges."
Someone should be standing up for them now.

Apparently Nate McCullough never heard a minute of AM talk radio, nor happened upon any of hundreds of websites and publications that've been not just pulling for the frat-boy stripper-party attendees, but calling for Mike Nifong's head since soon after this story came to light.

Then it's on to the Rag's second-tier RW pinup (I guess they still don't want to spring for Malkin or Coulter) who is also just indignant as all get-out that those mean colored folks won't show proper respect for the white man's indignity:
In the Duke case, we will succumb to suffocation, I suspect, if we hold our breath waiting for Sharpton and Jackson to apologize for feeding the racist frenzy that condemned those three young men whose lives were nearly ruined by innuendo, lies, an out-of-control prosecutor and a complicit media.
Nearly ruined!
Why, it almost came to trial! And there was a slight possibility that the prosecution's witness might've had a chance to get obliterated by any defense lawyer with a blood-alcohol-level below .15%! Surely no colored folks have ever faced such injustice--where's the outrage, you "racist" frenzy-inspirers!

I'd like to sum it all up by making some pithy statement about the hopelessness of ever expecting certain demographics of ever coming to terms with their own culpability in the ridiculous state of race relations in America today, but I just can't.

Mostly I'm just bewildered that in 2007, people still actually write, publish, and read this stupid, whiny shit.