Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voted early, not often

Hopefully it will count. Not that it matters much in Georgia, circa 2006. We need a far higher percentage of

a) enfranchised/encouraged African-Americans and Hispanics;

b) rational people of the ethnic groups not traditionally disenfranchised (them wot did the disenfranchising.)

And it'll happen, slowly but surely. Main thing to remember about Georgia is, it's never been about Democrat vs. Republican, but rather White Supremacist Creep vs. Decent Folk.

The Georgia WSCs have held sway more or less since this country's founding, but in fits and starts the DFs have had some say, and they will have more as there are more and more residents Not From Around Here.

Not that all folks who move from blue states vote blue, but they're more likely to than the WSCs.