Friday, November 03, 2006

AJC and the Hillbilly Rag – Separated at birth?

There’ve been times when I’ve pondered aloud to Mrs. Ragger as to whether or not it continues to make sense to pay good hard earned cash to subscribe to the local metropolitan daily newspaper, in this case, the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It’s not as if there’s a whole lot in their print version that isn’t available online anyway that I’m able to read in the 20 or so minutes I spend with it during breakfast prior to heading off to put food on my family.

And it was in that spirit, some weeks back, that we let the subscription lapse, and allowed the Hillbilly Rag to provide us with all of our print journamalism needs. It was an interesting month, but in the end, it was just too much to do without a “real” daily newspaper. So we re-upped, and a coupla days ago we received our first AJC after the hiatus.

And as a kind of reminder that no good deed ever goes unpunished was this endorsement from our so-called liberal media for the warmongering, Chimp-fellating, anti-choice, flat-taxing John Linder, which contained these chilling words:

In the 7th District in northern Georgia, incumbent Republican John Linder has made a name for himself with his advocacy of the so-called Fair Tax, which proposes to replace the income tax with a national sales tax. He is opposed by Democrat Allan Burns, another first-time candidate who is well-informed on the issues, but who hasn't been able to get much traction in this conservative district. Linder is the better fit.

Let that sink in for just a minute. “Linder is the better fit” because—why? Because Gwinnettians deserve a suck-ass Representative? Because we’re too stupid, unlike the true-blue intowners who apparently composed this drek, to comprehend the complexity of a sane, rational individual like Allan Burns? Because dumb-shit crackers deserve to be given the mushroom treatment--kept in a dark place covered in shit?

I don’t see any other way to scan this particular endorsement. Linder is a “better fit” because, well, we deserve this bastard, just as this bastard feels he deserves another two years in Congress even though he’d promised to voluntarily term-limit himself and not seek this term.

I guess I shouldn’t take this quite so personally. I guess when an AJC-ish editorial staff gets together to pick its endorsements, it makes decisions about which demographics it’s going to please and which ones it doesn’t mind pissing off, and after all, how many Gwinnettians even bothered to vote for John Kerry in 2004?

Hell, it was only 90,000 or so, give or take a few. Screw ‘em.

Yeah, I love you back, AJC.