Sunday, November 19, 2006

Golly, for a minute there...

I thought the Hillbilly Rag might've grown a pair.

A front page story about the little ol'
Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) Insider blog, which has of late been driving the tyrannical J. Alvin Wilbanks regime bonkers by publishing documents that more or less prove to passers-by beyond the shadow of a doubt what we've known all along, that the GCPS is run by theocratic, old-boy-networking numbskulls.

But as you dig in, you realize, it's just another fair-and-balanced example of ass kissing. Heather's gone and made sure to publish the couple of feeble "b-but you guys are JUST AS BAD by, um, complaining about the corruption!" posts that the blog's drawn.

And where's the url? Not in the lede, not on the front page. It's there, though--on, literally, the last line of the story, after the jump.

Never fear. The sun will rise in the East, water will still be wet, and the Hillbilly Rag is still cowardly and terrified of upsetting the evil regime that lords over a billion-dollar budget.