Friday, August 24, 2007

Poor Nate's dreams dashed

He thought he'd found his hillbilly dream house...

It was where we wanted to live. The location was perfect, out in the country but a few minutes from everything in the world. It had more space than anything else we'd found in our price range. It was bright and open, with all the amenities we wanted. The yard was landscaped beautifully. We even liked the color.
But what's this?

Then I did a search for the street address on the Internet looking for a map of the area. What was the first thing that came up? The Georgia sex offender registry.
All's not lost--he's establishing his WATB conservo-twerp cred by claiming victim status at the hands of evil, unnamed civil-libber types.
And all you whiny so-called civil libertarians and creepy convicted sex offenders who e-mailed me the last time I wrote about this subject calling me a witch hunter and worse can save your breath.
Somewhat novel approach, this pre-emptive attack, for our Nate.

Well, I guess you'll just have to go on being one of those renters you so wish to be in a position to loathe until another cheap, hell-and-gone-from-anywhere house comes along.