Sunday, November 25, 2007

Are there any Republicans

who aren't claiming that Democrats are horrified by the prospect of "victory" in Eye-Rack?

Just wondering.

Here's what the filthy, lying "representative" John Linder (he of the FairTax scheme) had to say on the topic in today's Rag:

Q: Is recent progress in Iraq making it more difficult for Democrats to argue that any war funding bill must come with a timetable for troop withdrawal?

A: The biggest blow to the Democrats' position is (Rep.) Brian Baird from Washington, the Democrat who went over there in August and came back saying ... 'We've made great strides.' ... We had some bad strategy at the beginning. ... It was Gen. (David) Petraeus (commander of U.S. forces in Iraq) who turned the entire status around ... There's some real progress.
Whoever wants to waterboard Linder, get in line behind me.