Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wanted to give credit where it's due

but can't, not really.

It's a decent bit of reporting on a straightforward story that affects locals. Three trash haulers won't be able to do pickups in Unincorporated Gwinnettlandia; according to the county's Connie Wiggins,

"Companies much smaller than these two companies have been able to get all the insurance and bonds they were required to do."

But it's not enough to report that the haulers in question didn't return phone calls. The thing we needed to hear is verification from one or two other "much smaller" companies that had, in fact, obtained the insurance and bonds required of these three.

I want to believe when a county official official makes a claim like this. But I really can't, not until it's verified, somehow, and there's nothing in the story that does that for me.