Sunday, February 10, 2008

Filed under "We gots Flush Toilets!"

Ok, mustn't hate. Mustn't take cheap shots at decent people doing decent things. And I'm not, really; I think it's great that this couple are carpooling to work twice a week, and it's even greater that the Clean Air Campaign provides incentives:

"Our company at Micromeritics, we joined forces with the Clean Air Campaign," she said, "and we've got at least 10 or 15 people here who do some sort of carpooling."

It's even easier for the Ellisons, who don't have to stop by any other houses.

The arrangement, it turns out, is beneficial in several ways, the couple said. For the first 90 days they rode into work together, the Atlanta-based nonprofit paid them $3, as long as one of them logged in.

Soon, their names were being entered into giveaway drawings, for which they were eligible to win Visa gift cards. Charlie has already won twice so far.

Anne, who has been participating in the Clean Air Campaign longer but has never had her name drawn, said, "Lo and behold, like, the month after (Charlie) started logging in, he was one of the $25 Visa gift card winners. And it was so funny, because apparently that very same day, they had picked his name a second time."

What isn't great is that this is, apparently, so newsworthy here that it merits above-the-fold coverage in the Sunday Life and Leisure section. One might think that the reporter covering this one might've found a graf or three to reflect on this, or to even manage to report some kind of relevant statistics about how many Gwinnettians manage to share a ride even once a month, but... nope.

But we gots us at least one couple of carpoolers that we know about.