Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cowering Cal Thomas' Moooooozelum "Invasion"!

While once again grasping at straws to draw analogies between our Warren Terra and The Big One, the crazy old coot is back at it again with the religious bigotry:

While Sept. 11 was an overt act, many covert acts are occurring that will render Britain and America less able (and less willing) to respond to the next attack. An estimated 2.5 million Muslims have invaded Britain.

They didn't immigrate, they didn't come to Britain legally and seek employment and a better life, these scary swarthy Mohammedan types. Nope, they "Invaded!"

Still, a part of me would rather endure this stupidity than the Hillbilly Rag's token DC "liberal" chatting up the splendid bi-partisanship and making me wonder if Barney Frank is really a tool since David Broder's taken to saying nice things about him.

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