Saturday, February 16, 2008

You remember that "arguing on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics" gag?

If you don't know the punchline, google it.

I only mention it because my first reaction to this LTE written by an
Adrian Devine of Lawrenceville was "what a retard."

And I had plenty of justification:

Roger Clemens has been a remarkable athlete for more than 20 years. Now he is under scrutiny because of his success. [...]

Our Congress has turned this investigation into a witch hunt based on the claims of a dope-dealing liar. Are there hurdles for Clemens to clear? You betcha.

McNamee has "evidence," but is it able to hold water? Time will tell. Time and an awful lot of taxpayers' money that will be poured into this investigation. Remember, these are the same people who thought it was a waste of money to investigate Bill and Hillary Clinton some 10 years ago.

Roger Clemens? Hmmm. How about putting all of Congress under the microscope, and let's see who comes out unscathed.

Maybe Ted Kennedy or Hillary will volunteer to go first.
This is seriously retarded, in every sense of the word. Mentally, sexually, and politically.

Thing is, the mentally retarded folk I've known in my half-century on this planet have been the salt of the earth. I never actually watched Forest Gump but I've always taken to heart the notion that "stupid is as stupid does," and it takes a pretty decent sized IQ to write a truly stupid letter to the editor.

This piece of crap fails the logic test on so many levels I won't even begin to address the painfully obvious. I will ask this: Just how many Americans actually believe that Ken Starr's 70 million dollar Excellent Adventure was a good use of taxpayer resources? 20 percent? 25, maybe?

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