Sunday, April 27, 2008

Must be time to lie about the Civil War again

the Rag has Confederate stooge Bill Grimes telling us that nosirr, it weren't about no slavery!
"These men were representing what their political rights were, their right to own property; that's what they were fighting for," he said.
He's not that far off, though. Just substitute "black folks" for "property" and it's accurate.



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh dear.

Ouch. Was it something I said?

The Gwinnett Daily Post's corporate owner told investors Monday that it was in danger of being dropped from the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Triple Crown Media Inc. announced that it had received notice from NASDAQ officials on April 15 that the company had dropped below the exchange's $15 million minimum market capitalization requirement. Triple Crown Media will be delisted unless it raises its stock price high enough for 10 consecutive days by July 14, the company said in a news release.

Triple Crown Media carries about $82 million in debt, according to the company's latest quarterly financial report.

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services lowered Triple Crown Media's corporate credit rating in February to CCC+ — or junk bond status — from a B rating.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

A pro-mass transit column? Could it be?

Something like this doesn't really get to the heart of why Gwinnettians remain so pig-ignorant about the need for comprehensive mass transit, but it'll have to do for now.

To say the only people to benefit from commuter rail are developers is inaccurate. Even people who choose not to use the rail line will benefit from fewer cars on the road and fewer carbon emissions spewing into the air we breathe. Commuters and students who would choose rail over roads if given the option enjoy a commute that is 25 times safer and gives them the ability to safely use their cell phones to talk, text or laptops during their ride.

True, the automobile is highly flexible, but is also subject to the wide disparities in daily commute times based on traffic accidents, weather, holiday volume, increasing truck traffic and the stress that goes with it. Commuter rail service and its riders are immune to all of that.

Along with soaring fuel prices, I believe actual ridership numbers for commuter rail service will far exceed all projections.
This argument goes to the heart of what I've been trying to get through every thick skull I've encountered Down Here: that by promoting mass transit, you're getting drivers who do not want to be on the road, off the road. I don't know why that's such a difficult concept for folks to grasp, but I have to attribute it to long standing tribal loyalties, lingering, xenophobic fears, and a flat-out terror that one day, that might actually be Thick Skull riding the bus, himself, rubbing sholders with Those People.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stupid white men will stay away from the polls in droves?

That's my take-away from Nate's latest. Fine with me.

I guess it'd be nice if this guy would appreciate that lying about a blowjob might just be the teensiest bit less harmful to the nation than lying about the reasons to go and blow up and kill a whole bunch of people who weren't doing us any harm, but I'll take one less right-wing schmuck casting a vote for McSame any day.


The old coot is talking to himself again.

It's dog bites man, I know, but someone should note when Cal Thomas takes to quoting a Wall Street Journal Editorial as straight news, and then criticizing others for not liking them some straight news:

As a Wall Street Journal editorial noted recently, when the surge began last year, 'al-Qaida dominated large swaths of central Iraq, Baghdad was a killing zone, Sunni and Shiites were heading toward civil war, and the Iraqi government was seen as a failure. ... Today, al-Qaida has been cleared from all but the northern reaches of Anbar and Divala Provinces, Iraqis feel safe enough to resume normal lives, Sunni sheiks are working with coalition forces, and the long process of Sunni-Shiite political reconciliation has begun ...'

What's not to like about that? Apparently plenty, if you are a Democratic presidential candidate, or part of the Democratic congressional leadership that is an appendage of and other far-left groups.
So I will.

Honorable mention--the ongoing conservative mission to call a "far-left group" often enough in hopes that people will believe it.