Sunday, August 01, 2010

Perusing the Gwinnett Daily Post so you don't have to?

It was my mission statement. I honestly hadn't thought much about that, or even this blog, for a long time, for a practical reason--when we switched TeeVee carriers from MegaCorpCom to DeathCultMediaCom, home delivery of the Gwinnett Daily Post was no longer included.

So we no longer had the familiar "hillbilly rag" of yore appearing at the bottom of the driveway.

Some months passed, and it came to be that Mrs. and Mr. Ragger decided that the other printed newspaper really didn't need to appear in the recycling bin either. So no more AJC, either. We took the bold step of doing what virtually everyone I know had done about half-a-decade ago and installed a wireless network, plugged in something to get the news via the Interwebs in our breakfast dining area, and did without a paper.

Sometimes it's missed. Ok, sometimes both papers are missed. As virtuous as I may feel about going paperless and contributing just a tad less to waste on this planet, I feel poorly about playing a part in a somewhat independent media outlet's financial horror.

Then again, I'm not really responsible for present and future business models for monetizing the newspaper industry.