Monday, September 01, 2008

"by God we stepped in and hit a home run with it"

Always tying it to God, the local scam artists...

Commissioner Bert Nasuti, a tourism board member who originated the baseball idea, said he is convinced the money is needed.

"We've only got one opportunity to really build it right," he said. "If you make bad decisions now, you pay for them later."

Nasuti said it was the special touches such as extra padding in the seats that have given a "wow factor" to the Arena at Gwinnett Center, another project that came with a $25 million boost from the county's reserve fund. He wants to create the same atmosphere at the Gwinnett Braves stadium.

"I think with the test of time, people will say, 'Boy, you had an opportunity, and by God we stepped in and hit a home run with it," Nasuti said, excusing the pun. "It will more than pay for the pain and expense."

Best as I can tell from local reports, the reason for the cost overruns are due in no small part to larger-than-expected rocks encountered during excavation. To paraphrase our Commander-in-Chief, I don't think anyone anticipated hitting rock when digging in Gwinnett.