Sunday, October 12, 2008

Deep Thought (actually kind of deep)

For the first time ever today I contemplated how a Democratic rout--defined for my purposes as a decisive Obama win and gains in Senate and House seats--might change how I see the world.

It's probably dangerous to assume anything, and I am fully aware that the polling lead held by Democrats at this writing could slip away in three weeks. But historically that's not the way to bet.

Will it get uglier in Red America? No. I'm not thinking it's worth taking too seriously all the scary, dark things being uttered by some about how angry and violent the white backlash would be. I think, based on all the things I've heard and people I've known down here in GA that there'd be a resignation to a profound change among the voting public.

I think it will be much safer to be a rational person. I think the need to go underground, in online forums and the blog world, will be a little less pronounced.

I further think I'll probably suspend these operations and start a new blog under a totally different profile, likely as not, not anonymous. I'm tired of being underground. I want something public where people I know from all walks of life can participate.