Wednesday, May 24, 2006

And it just now dawns on him that Neal Boortz is a dick?

Better late than never.

It's the usual namby-pamby retreat from a Hillbilly Rag's winger:

It wasn’t because I disagreed with Boortz on the issues. As I said, I usually agree with him, in principle at least, and even when I disagree I enjoy the intellectual engagement. And it wasn’t because I’m some “liberal hand-wringer,” as he likes to describe detractors.
Ok, "Winger" might be a tad harsh. Rob Jenkins has been known to have a clue, to think independently and express such thoughts in his columns. But he's being far too kind to Boortz by claiming the radio cretin is merely uncivilized and nasty.

Boortz literally loathes the public. He has done more than anyone else to demonize the 90% of American students in public schools as being "government school" zombies.

And yet, surprise surprise, Boortz, an alleged libertarian, fully supports the invasion and continued occupation of Iraq and the continued bleeding of hundreds of billions of dollars of government funds to support same. And sees no contradiction in that.

Rob, that's what you should've focused on. But y'see, that'd require courage, and a willingness to piss off your golf buddies...