Thursday, April 10, 2008

The old coot is talking to himself again.

It's dog bites man, I know, but someone should note when Cal Thomas takes to quoting a Wall Street Journal Editorial as straight news, and then criticizing others for not liking them some straight news:

As a Wall Street Journal editorial noted recently, when the surge began last year, 'al-Qaida dominated large swaths of central Iraq, Baghdad was a killing zone, Sunni and Shiites were heading toward civil war, and the Iraqi government was seen as a failure. ... Today, al-Qaida has been cleared from all but the northern reaches of Anbar and Divala Provinces, Iraqis feel safe enough to resume normal lives, Sunni sheiks are working with coalition forces, and the long process of Sunni-Shiite political reconciliation has begun ...'

What's not to like about that? Apparently plenty, if you are a Democratic presidential candidate, or part of the Democratic congressional leadership that is an appendage of and other far-left groups.
So I will.

Honorable mention--the ongoing conservative mission to call a "far-left group" often enough in hopes that people will believe it.