Saturday, December 17, 2005

Duh greatest healthcare in duh world!

Another one of those "if I read between the lines, I'll have to assume..." stories.

Health officials have penned a grant seeking funding to bring a federally qualified health center to Norcross, an area deemed medically underserved.

As opposed to a clinic that focuses on sickness prevention, this center would be a primary care facility concentrating on patients once they are sick.

I'll have to assume the GDP's staff are happy it's in Norcross and not, say, closer to their own neighborhood.

I'll have to assume we can look forward to more stories about the progress of this project without ever hearing a peep about why health centers like these are becoming necessary.

And heaven forfend that the GDP might look under the hood and shed some light on why the richest country on earth can't provide healthcare coverage to all of its citizens.