Thursday, December 15, 2005

Just how religious-nutty is the hillbilly rag?

So nutty that they printed this letter. And no, there's nothing especially unusual about the LTE in today's paper save for one thing--our designated fundamentalist defender o' XXXmas, Carolyn Buckner, is replying to a previously published LTE that ran on November 18.

November 18. As in, twenty-eight days ago. The week before Thanksgiving. That's how important it is for the Gwinnett Daily Post to keep the hatred alive. And yeah, it is hatred; on the ground, amongst ordinary people, this whiny, ginned up complaint about a "war on Christmas" serves to accomplish nothing, absolutely nothing, but ill will toward men. You couldn't be any less Christ-like if you were trying.

My favorite bit of logic from Ms. Buckner (she'll probably take offense to me calling her "Ms.," which is precisely why I do it--yeah, pettiness is a two way street, buster!):
the Bible claims Jesus to be God, so all religions are not the same and they all do not promote love and good wishes.
Got that? if you don't worship Jesus as a god, then you are incapable of promoting love and good wishes.

If that's not religious bigotry what, pray tell, is?