Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Maybe I'm just anally PC

But the photo accompanying the front-pager about "affordable housing" bugged me.

It's a good bit of reporting from
Douglas Sams, and I suspect most GDP readers had never stopped to contemplate how literally impossible it is for a minimum-wage worker to afford to rent most any one-bedroom apartment in this nation.

But about that photo--it depicts the dreaded "Townehomee" construction that terrifies so many a homeowners' association. It's as if the GDP couldn't possibly run a story about poverty without reinforcing the notions so many cling to, that only po' folks would ever want to live in, well, you know, shoulder-rubbing proximity to their fellow humans.

I don't know how Gwinnettians imagine they can continue to cram another 25,000 citizens into the county every year without going to denser housing. Also don't know how people can live their lives without having some clue of how the rest of the world lives theirs.