Wednesday, December 14, 2005

John Linder is a LIAR

Alas, the hillbilly rag's token pink-tutu Democrat Bill Shipp wouldn't ever get a cool, and utterly accurate, headline like that for one of his oh-so-carefully-calculated-not-to-offend editorial pieces, but if you're willing to read the thing it's there in black and white.

Linder delivered the above declaration early in 1993 shortly after he was sworn in to his first term as a Georgia congressman. A few weeks earlier, he told the USA Today newspaper, "I will come home after 12 years."

Now the consummate Washington insider, Linder is completing his seventh term in the House and preparing to run next year for an eighth term. He doesn't discuss term limits now. Such talk seems so nineties-ish. Term limits were a big item on House Speaker Newt Gingrich's Contract with America in 1994.

Ah, this would be such a fine, fine smackdown if only Bill had taken this to its logical conclusion and explained why the voters would be nuts to continue re-electing representatives from Party of Newt who unabashadly lie like a cheap rug. But, well, we mustn't appear shrill. Or partisan, for goodness sake.