Thursday, December 08, 2005

Below the fold today

Duking it out are the taser-death civil suit and some nusisance legislation that--I kiddeth you not--ensures one's first Amendment rights to say Merry Christmas.

They're just gonna milk this one for all it's worth, aren't they?

I don't want to fall back on the typically idiotic LTEs seen in the hillbilly rag, but this graf was astonishing in its utter ignorance of history. It comes to us courtesy of Emily "Litella" Kroemer, drinkin' the Dacula Kool-Aid:

Christopher Columbus, the man who originally discovered this great country,

Did you know that he discovered the USA? Hey, it's here in the paper!

kept a log of his reasons for searching for undiscovered land. One of his reasons is said to be to “bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the heathens.”

"And if that didn't work, well, there's always the smallpox blankies..."

What right do we have as citizens of the country to try to destroy the original basis of the discovery of America? None.

um, that was my head exploding. Sorry.

But as long as there are those people who have nothing better to do than nitpick details and whine about what they think is politically incorrect, someone will be there to comfort them and aid them in their fight for “fair treatment.”

Per usual, no actual cites for the alleged "whining."

thanks again, Dild O'Reilly. And John "Five in the noggin" Gibson.