Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What got me here

There's a bare-bones VOY-based forum, hosted by a group wot calls itself Concerned Parents of Georgia that I've been in and out of for most of my time here as a Yankee transplant. When it's not overrun by troll (yes, singular) it can be a hella lotta fun. And it's probably got as much to do with me deciding to start this silly blog as anything else.

Anyway, my first few months as a Georgian I didn't really care about local issues, and hence I never really looked at the GDP much prior to pitching it into the recycle bin. Then I learned that an elementary school was about to be built between two landfills, one of them still actively adding Georgia's junk.

Next door. To an elementary school.

Suddenly, I didn't just care, I had to care; my kid was being redistricted into this new elementary school. I was hungry for something, anything covering local stuff.

So I started posting inquiries to that forum. And I started actually reading the news stories in the Gwinnett Daily Post. Sometimes they'd cover something that didn't appear in the AJC.

And to be fair, sometimes they do a bit of half-way decent reporting on a local story. But it's mostly the same kind of kiss-ass, go along to get along garbage that infests (in an inadvertantly entertaining fashion) their editorial pages, and most of their regular columnists.