Thursday, December 15, 2005

Doesn't someone need to have a "little talk" with this man?

Oy vey. Emphasis mine; this guy has Lost. It.

Though true abstinence-only programs have been effective in altering sexual behavior, the so-called “sex education” programs in government schools do more to promote sex than prevent it, giving lip service to chastity while spending most of the class time teaching kids how to use condoms.

If parents care enough about their children to want to do more than fret about such things, they are going to have to radically alter their approach to child rearing.

Step one is to pull them from the government schools that serve as hothouses for this kind of behavior and thinking. Step two is to reduce lavish lifestyles so that parents work less and invest more time in their children, with one parent actually staying home to make the home a safe haven. Step three is no television in the home. Television has become hostile to the things most parents want their children to believe and embrace. It is deadly to their moral development; it encourages disrespect for fathers and undermines those things that used to make families a strong, positive cultural force.
And none a' them horseless carriages neither! They's the work of the Devil!