Friday, December 16, 2005

What the world needs now is another anti-O'Reilly rant

not really. I think the entire left blogosphere is probably giving the old perv more attention than he deserves. And since you would be better off going to Media Matters to keep regular tabs on Falafel Boy than bothering with my crappy little blog, I'll keep it short.

But in today's column, carried OF COOOUUUURSE by the Hillbilly Rag, I can't let this howler go unmentioned:

No matter how you feel about the Iraq war, we should admire Lieberman for sticking up for what he believes.

Aside from the absurdity of requiring admiration for Joementum for remaining foolishly consistent, who the hell is a loudmouthed prick like Dild O'Reilly to begin a sentence with "no matter how you feel about the Iraq war"? when has Dild ever allowed for even the appearance of dissent against Dear Leader's vanity conflict, his bogus Warren Terra, in Loofah Boy's twisted world?

Ok, that's my quota of gratuitous O'Liely shots for the month. Last one this year, promise.