Thursday, January 26, 2006

Voter ID: Can't make a case? Just steal someone else's.

There's still no online version available, but here's what appeared on 11A of yesterday's rag:
[Sen. Preston] Smith [R-Rome] and other Republicans said the bill's purpose is to prevent voter fraud in Georgia, an issue of growing concern across the nation in light of allegations of wrongdoing stemming from the last two presidential contests.
Once again, the party of Rove is projecting; the diligent efforts by those progressives who are determined to expose the irregularities of black-box voting are being conflated with the ancient cries of "voter fraud" that have been bandied about to, among other things, suggest that John F. Kennedy didn't really beat Richard Nixon in 1960.

I should make it clear that I have no problem with the other side making a case to address any real grievance. Hell, I don't even mind if they make a case to address phony ones; what's the point? They'll make 'em anyway. But this is something else entirely.

The Republicans in Georgia have been challenged many times to come up with a justification for their accusations of "voter fraud", and to back up their bluster with documented cases. They can't. And now, instead of bothering to make that case, they simply imply that the "allegations of wrongdoing stemming from the last two presidential contests" are about the "voter fraud", and not about database hacking, nor about systematic disenfranchisement of inconvenient American citizens who petulantly refuse to vote Republican.