Friday, January 06, 2006

How this blog works

As is the case with so many Gwinnettians, I get a daily newspaper I never asked for. It is supposed to be a free subscription with the monthly cable bill, although I know of neighbors who aren't hooked up to cable who also get it and they aren't paying for it, so who knows.

I could post a sign saying "No right-wing rags, please" but I doubt that the delivery person would catch on.

So it's here in all its printed glory virtually every day. I've tried to ignore it--sometimes for months on end I'd succeed--but most of the time I am tempted to peek inside and see what it's trying to say.

Some ask: "why don't you just write letters to the editor if you dislike this rag so?"

But I have, you see. Several times. Polite, carefully composed, not-too-long missives, taking respectful issue with various editorial positions, over the past couple of years. They have been ignored. There appears to be exactly one (1) regular letter-writer who is allowed to be to the left of Rush Limbaugh, who gets an airing every couple of weeks. He is regularly savaged by other LTE authors, of course. (he will remain nameless, since I'm sure he gets enough grief from these yahoos as it is.)

The only reason I'm writing this now, several weeks after I started this blog, is because once again the paper's website is down and I can't link to anything I saw this morning. Kinda hard to work up a good head of steam of righteous indignation if there's nothing to back it up. So this'll have to do.