Saturday, January 21, 2006

"As Southern as cotton" and almost as intelligent...

Darrell Huckaby's website portrays him as the second coming of Lewis Grizzard. Luckily I never had to read the white-trashy ramblings of Mr. Grizzard prior to his untimely passing, but alas, Huckaby continues to rate a weekly column that's invariably a week late, a dollar short, and about twelve cards shy of a full deck.

Today's is no less unremarkable, ranting as it does about Hillary's "plantation" comment (there's some farm-fresh commentary for ya). And while I'd expect a guy like him to have absorbed Hillary's remark and reacted precisely as his right-wing noise machine overlords tell him to, I'd also expect anyone who considers himself to be even a half-assed observer of human nature to ask himself, golly, did anyone on the other side of the aisle ever make such an analogy?

Had he done so, he might have ventured here, or here, or to zillions of other places where allegedly "conservative" pundits and politicians have used the term "liberal plantation" to describe most any institution or group of people they dislike.